The Golden Spiral Academy was founded in 1997 by Safataianaya Solar and is unique with the exclusive courses that were written and guided by her with the original, autodidact and at the highest level of knowledge in order to assist you dealing practically with your persona, family and social problems

Did you experienced a deep crisis recently such as:  A painful separation from a relationship, sudden illness and hospitalization for a lengthy period in the hospital, lost your property and status in your regular work, are swept away with the society and try to be like everyone else, are you addicted to alcohol, drugs and cannabis in order to forget what happens with you, do you feel problems with your gender identity and become gays and lesbians, while you are alone with yourselves you are asking questions such as: what is the purpose of life, what am I doing here, are there things beyond the daily routine: work, family, career, obtaining a degree, and how to get out of the repetitive

The academy has seniority, extensive experience and over than 23 years women and men from Israel and different other countries around the world graduated the exclusive courses that were written by Safataianaya Solar and made progress in their lives. Because the studying and knowledge are not learned at other places, I'll be glad to facilitate you with your questions and problems

To register the first course: "Personal Consciousness Development"- Practical guide for solving problems- For people who chose to make a progress in their lives. The course is the basic for the other advanced and higher courses and is exclusive to The Golden Spiral Academy.

The course is 20 lessons, with each lesson being held once a at two weeks r once a month. The course gives you extensive descriptive and practical knowledge of your life and the changes required for your personal progress.  In the course lessons, you receive assistance personally, about things that you do not understand or deny, so that it will be easier for you to deal with and overcome your various problems in a practical way and to answer your various questions.

At each lesson you are receiving printed information and detailed explanation and personal assignments that you have to answer, deal and practically appliance in your daily lives and it's not a fun game that lasts a few days or hours. During the course you are going through releasing and changes that is continual and it requires from you the courage, patience, diligence, self-discipline, and of course your honest intent for change and progress

The course is delivered individually or in groups of up to 5 participants nd at the end of the course you receive a book (in Hebrew or Russian) by Safataianaya Solar as a reference material and a graduation certificate

Course cost: 1500$ USD (without rebalance-treatment 3-3.5 hours)
2000$ USD (with rebalance-treatment 3.5-4 hours)
Requirements for participating
The studies are for you
Parenthood and relationship topics
Self-esteem and self-love topics
Health and your body topics
Abundnace and work topics 
Personal crisis- turning point in your life
Course 1
Advanced course 2
Higher level course-   Part 1
Higher level course-  Part 2
Higher level course- Part 3
Rebalance treatment session with for releasing anger, frustration, stress, fears etc
Books by Safataianaya Solar 
Integration and completion process
The human-self and higher-original-self
Questions and answers
About me

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