At each lesson you are receiving printed information and detailed explanation and personal assignments that you have to answer, deal and practically appliance in your daily lives and it's not a fun game that lasts a few days or hours. During the course you are going through releasing and changes that is continual and it requires from you the courage, patience, diligence, self-discipline, and of course your honest intent for change and progress
Higher level seminar Part 1-Discovering the beauty of existence- 26 lessons
You can participate the second course only after you have learned and applied practically the first course; "Personal Consciousness Evolution" and the second course: "Inner strength through the consciousness beyond the mind"

Lesson 1- Your original-self as part of the initial pure consciousness
Lesson 2- Dark beings are disconnected from the initial pure consciousness
Lesson 3- The formation of the origins of the polarized duality consciousness (Second circle)
Lesson 4- The four characteristics of the original consciousness- the first circle
Lesson 5- The duality consciousness has created a dead end
Lesson 6- Collaborate with the original higher-self-will
Lesson 7- Giving up the free-choice
Lesson 8- Initial splitting of the consciousness into masculine and feminine energy
Lesson 9- The cults and religions were created by the people in the duality consciousness
Lesson 10- Function and the unity both sides of the mind
Lesson 11- The breath of the original-higher-self-consciousness
Lesson 12- Initial beings from the original first consciousness (first circle)
Lesson 13- The importance of the first group of the 144,000
Lesson 14- Rehabilitation of the dark beings and the formation of the physical Earth
Lesson 15- Various characteristics of the beings/souls
Lesson 16- The void period and embodiment of the physical body
Lesson 17- The origin of the different species
Lesson 18- The dark beings intentionally distorts the original DNA of the species
Lesson 19-  The strength of the two energies the feminine and masculine
Lesson 20- Change and development as a result of critical mass
Lesson 21- The subordinate pattern characteristic- products made by man
Lesson 22- The geometry energy that develops in the critical mass
Lesson 23- The physical bodies with the structure of geometry energy
Lesson 24- Embodiment characteristics of the male and female physical body
Lesson 25- Golden Spiral- Natural process of development
Lesson 26- Summary

Course cost:
2600$ USD (each lesson 90$ USD without rebalance-treatment 3-3.5 hours)
3250$ USD (each lesson 110$ USD with rebalance-treatment 3.5-4 hours)

Ways of payment: cash / bank transfer/ Wester Union



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